What kinds of items do you take in?

We can sell almost anything for you, if it has a value of around $40 or higher. If you ever have a question about an item, please stop by or use our contact page and we would be happy to discuss it with you. Please see the what sells section for some of our favorite item categories.

Why not sell the items myself?

We have accounts set up, with raving reviews and feedback across the internet, giving your items the best chance of selling. But more importantly, utilizing our services saves you time! Many people underestimate the amount of work that goes into effectively marketing and selling your items online, and we are happy to handle that entire process for you!

Researching items, taking professional pictures, responding to inquiries, advertising, and packaging/shipping turns into simply dropping off your items.

What DONT you sell?

We can sell almost anything for you, but we do not sell anything that has a value of less than $40 per item (unless in a bulk sale or other unique situations, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss)

We generally do not sell furniture or large items.

What are the consignment fees?

There are no upfront costs to consign items with us, all fees are taken from the proceeds of the sale. There are absolutely no costs if your item doesn't sell.

Basic guideline:

Our fees are between 30-35% depending on the selling price of the item. 

Plus if applicable, eBay or marketplace final value fees (10%-11%) and processing fee (2-3%) will also be deducted. You can generally expect to receive at least 50-55% of the total selling price.

What happens if my items don’t sell?

Items that are not sold within the consignment agreement terms (normally 60 days) can be picked up within 10 days, items that are not picked up will be donated in a way that supports local charities. There are absolutely no costs if your item doesn't sell.

How about clothes?

We are not a traditional clothing consignment store, but can still take in designer or specialty items that stay above the $40 minimum value per item.

How do I get paid?

Once the item sells, Your payment is sent by check ( either electronically through e-mail or sent via mail to your address on file) This option is selected at the time of consignment

Where do you sell your items?

We prefer to sell most items through eBay, as it has the highest visibility of any other sales channel, and the items usually sell very quickly (We are a top seller with 100% positive feedback). We do however sell through many other online websites and marketplaces, and will decide where to list based on where we think your particular items will generate the highest selling price.

Are you an Ebay Store?

With many items, we are indeed the same as an "ebay store" or "ebay drop off location" , the thing that really sets us apart is our ability to sell items through other avenues, when we think it will bring our consignors the most value.  (Such as utilizing local online marketplaces as well as other traditional online marketplaces, depending on the items )

Do you pick up items?

Please feel free to contact us if you are unable to bring your items to us, we can make arrangements to pick them up locally.

Searching for a local consignment shop?

We do not have a traditional storefront with shelves of secondhand items to look at it, because we do our best to sell your items as quickly as possible.  Utilizing a drop off lobby system lets us keep everything organized and ready to pack/ship as quickly as possible when your items sell.

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